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Fabulous Fashionistas

by admin on November 20, 2013, no comments

I really admire these fashionable older women. By Director: Sue Bourne.
A new TV documentary on Britain’s BBC4 has been tickling people’s fancies across the pond and stateside. “Fabulous Fashionistas” features six women of advanced years who share a love for style and a “screw that” attitude to the standard dictates of age. (via: Senior Planet)

Great tool for developers : GluePrint

by admin on November 20, 2013, no comments

GluePrint is a mac app that allows you to simply drop a mockup and overlay the image on top of your work to see how it compares. Position with the arrow keys and scroll to adjust the transparency. Pretty sweet for only $5. glueprint

iOS7, You’re making me sick.

by admin on September 24, 2013, 13 comments

It starts with a dull throbbing headache that makes my head feel heavy and my eyes strained. Then a cold sweat runs over my body. A twinge of nausea hits my stomach, clenches my throat, threatening to worsen if I continue exposing myself to this THING. This THING that has been attached to my hand as if I have a cybernetic removable appendage with ok battery life, that allows me to interact with the world made up by a series of tubes. I just updated my phone to iOS 7 the day before I left to Portland for XOXO. Then after heavy use from traveling, using the maps to get around, instagramming my surroundings, I started feeling it. I took some advil not giving it a second thought. By day two I figured it out. My iPhone was causing this and there was no way to turn this off. No this is not a rant about the look of iOS 7, but the inability to turn off the animated zoom interaction as you go into your folders, open an app, multi-task through screens into another app. I have motion sickness and I guess no one else in the Apple team had this condition. Yes, you can turn off parallax in the accessibility. It's not the parallax that is causing it, it's the zooming. After seeing an article on, I realized I wasn't alone. I also found other people were complaining on the Apple's Forums. As much as Apple is praised for its accessibility options, there are other people out there that are motion challenged. We can't play first person shooters, watch 3D movies (or even sit to close to the screen during heavy action movies). I can't use Google street view, or ride on small boats. I do everything in my power to avoid this feeling cause it's something that can just ruin my entire day. The nausea just sticks with me as soon as it happens. When it's really bad, I won't go into detail, but it can get ugly. This is pretty serious. I'm an app designer, I use the iPhone for my job. I've resorted to closing my eyes, turning my head or covering my hand over the screen between every zoom in/out animation for iOS 7 so I don’t have to pop advil every day (which is totally not healthy). I can't keep going like this, something has to change. Apple, are you listening? *UPDATE: I was told from a friend that it's good to file a radar for things like this. So if you have this same problem, file a report here: and use this number so it duplicated: 15074144 If you haven't done this before, this is what mine looks like:

How to make a great presentation

by admin on August 30, 2013, no comments

I'm helping my company with a really big presentation and came across this great slideshare on how to make a great captivating presentation based on other great presenters. It's actually super helpful and not cheesy in the slightest. What Would Steve Do? 10 Lessons from the World's Most Captivating Presenters

Wake Up, powered by Rdio – alarm clock app

by admin on April 5, 2013, no comments

Last night I got to press the button for a big update (v2.0) for Wake Up, powered by Rdio, an alarm clock iPhone app originally conceived by David Brunow. I've designed a handful of apps, but this was my first independent one. I had found the Wake Up app randomly in the app store out of curiosity, to see if there were any apps that did anything interesting with Rdio. I loved the idea of it but I could tell that the developer, David Brunow, had done this all on his own. By that I mean, I could tell he did the graphics on his own. Which to me looked like an opportunity for me to do a fun side project. I found his contact info and wrote him an email. I had to try, he could ignore me, but I really wanted to do this.
Subject: Love your app Hey David, I'm a big Rdio user and I don't keeps music on my phone, yet I use it as an alarm. So I'm really glad to finally be able to wake up to music. So thanks for your app! I was also wondering if you wanted any help with the UI art? I'm a UI designer and I thought it might be a fun interface to design for. I'm not looking for any payment, as I'm sure this is just a side project for you. I've designed a bunch of iPhone apps, so I'm very familiar with designing for the phone. I just really like your app and I thought I would just ask! You can view my portfolio at Happy Wednesday!
David replied. And then I noticed we both lived in Dallas! (How crazy is that?) So we decided to meet for coffee and talk. We seemed to hit it off but I could tell he was a little weary, as this was his baby and I wanted to respect that. We decided that I would design a screen or two and then he would decide from there if he wanted to go forward, no pressure. Thankfully he decided that this was a good idea and we spent our free time changing a few features and redesigning the app. I wanted to keep some of the original pieces of the app, so I kept the purple color scheme and the original icon. The rest I had fun playing with. David always asked me why I designed something the way I did. It was a great exercise for me as I really had to think about my reasoning. One thing that we really tried to keep in mind was that the most people were going to be using this at night, so I kept the UI pretty dark and even designed alot of it in the dark to make sure it wouldn't hurt your eyes before bed. The Wake Up app was a really fun project and David was really great to work with. I'm really glad he took a chance on me.