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How to help your iOS dev in Xcode, as a designer.

by admin on December 10, 2013, one comment

The first few seconds when you hold a beta of an app you’ve been working on in your hand, is this awesome feeling of delight, mixed with a little bit of narcissism (ya, I did that). The next several seconds, you start to notice all the tiny designery things that the developer didn’t get quiiiiite [...]

The New Disruptors podcast with Glenn Fleishman

by admin on November 21, 2013, no comments

Glenn invited Alli and I on a podcast to talk about how XOXO inspired us, how we got to San Francisco, playing Cards Against Humanity with Glenn, and how we manage a full time job with our various side projects. Whew, we talk alot. Listen here: The Labors of Job with Alli Dryer and [...]

Keepin’ It Lean

by admin on February 6, 2013, no comments

I work in mobile app development. We’ve been trying the “lean” approach to projects, where everyone is more involved from the beginning which is great ’cause everyone is clear on where we are in the project. There’s also not as much documentation, which can slow everyone down. You can read up on it here and [...]


by admin on January 10, 2013, no comments

This thing is the FUTURE! This as a prototype of something that could be really amazing once pushed just a bit further. Brace yourselves, e-paper tablets are coming. The Human Media Lab at Queen’s University has developed a flexible tablet device known as PaperTab in collaboration with Plastic Logic and Intel Labs that looks and [...]

XOXO :: The Andy’s love letter to the internet

by admin on September 18, 2012, no comments

Imagine a place where you are surrounded by the internet, but IRL. Imagine all of these people who have the best intentions, excitement and passion but without the snark. This is what XOXO Fest felt like. Andy Baio (@waxypancake) and Andy McMillan (@goodonpaper) put together something out of love of what they do and the [...]

Polaroid SX-70 documentary, written & directed by Charles & Ray Eames

by admin on January 3, 2012, no comments

Fascinating 11min doc on the Polaroid SX-70, written & directed by Charles & Ray Eames. While I was first watching this, I just kept thinking how this was so similar to the way Apple conveys their products in commercials. It also made me think about how Polaroid was ‘the future’ of that time. Not only [...]

UI Bits: iOS transition effect in slow motion

by admin on November 28, 2011, no comments

I’d love to see the research that went into when how fast some items would go and when others should appear. iOS transition effect in slow motion from Lim Chee Aun on Vimeo. This is screen-recorded using Quicktime Player. Protip: This uses the ‘Toggle Slow Animations’ option in the iPhone Simulator, under the Debug menu. [...]

Is this the end of blurry images? Adobe Photoshop’s new feature

by admin on October 10, 2011, one comment

Adobe always shocks me with their little sneaks of new features. They may not work always exactly with every circumstance, but by god are they amazing. (i.e. last years Content-Aware Fill) It’s hard to see in the video, but you can tell by the audience’s reaction how amazing it must look. (via @cap by way [...]

Press Pause Play documentary – Now online in full

by admin on September 30, 2011, one comment

Awhile back I had posted a teaser to the Press Pause Play documentary: A film about hope, fear and digital culture. It’s now available to view online and download through their website. There is a standard version but also an interactive version so while you’re watching, hotspots will appear (‘MORE’ button at the top right [...]

30 Ways To Kill A Cowboy

by admin on September 29, 2011, no comments

Ready Steady Bang, by Chambers Judd & Ed Barrett, is an iPhone Game where you can do a high noon style shoot out against the computer or a pal. The graphics are incredibly simple (created by Ed Barrett) and the animations are really funny. The game is available on the iphone or ipad for .99. [...]