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Designery nerdy things.


Hi, I'm Jenni Leder (pronounced Leader). I live in San Francisco, CA (previously Dallas, TX) with my roommate aka husband aka Roo. I make a living as a designer doing the UI/UX for mobile apps at Storehouse (previously at TidePool, Bottle Rocket), but kerning keeps me from spacing out. I get obsessed with many things, primarily the internet. Fun Stuff: I'm a mentor at DesignLab where I give students feedback and help answer questions on their projects as they are taking the courses. I have a tumblr where I'm collecting Canadian logos that use the maple leaf called Maple Mark. I'm selling a couple of posters on Etsy at Lederprint. I'm also 1/2 of MEGABRAIN, a computational unit made out of two brains. The other 1/2 is Alli Dryer. Some of you may know me from's The Noughtie List: The 2000s In Review. If you are interested, I have a five part series of highlights. Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4 & Part 5. You can email me at jenni dot leder at gmail dot com

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