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Wireframes – a brief overview : talk from PARISOMA

by admin on March 12, 2015, no comments

Thanks to everyone who came out to my talk + workshop tonight! Thanks to PARISOMA and DesignLab for putting on the event. Those who are interested in learning more about this topic or others, I recommend checking out DesignLab, where I mentor. They offer classes on Design 101, a great beginner's start on design fundamentals. They also offer more in-depth User Experience, Research and Interaction Design courses. Those who were in the class at PARISOMA can get $50 off your first class by clicking here. Here's the slides from the talk: Also here's some helpful links: Wireframe Tools • Paper & pencil + POP app - free! • Apple Keynote for Mac (also available for iOS) - free! • OmniGraffle - $100 • Balsamiq - $89 • Adobe Illustrator - starts $20/mo • Sketch - $99 • Gliffy - free & Pro options • Invision - free & Pro options Wireframe InspirationMobile PatternsPttnsUI PatternsWireframes MagazineUX ArchiveUserOnboardingArticles on Medium about wireframingHow to run a design sprint Anyone who wants to learn more about the design side, I have a list of all the UI/UX resources I've used.