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Screenshots app: Make Screenshots for the App Store from your phone

by admin on October 14, 2014, 2 comments

There's been many websites that allow you to easily place your app's screenshot into a device frame and it's made everyone's life a tiny bit easier. Placeit is one of my favorites (They also do video). While working on an app together, Mayank usually asks me to put some screenshots in a device frame for him. I happened to be away on vacation when he needed this done. When I came back from vacation (a mere weekend!) I found out that I've been replaced with an app. For those who don't know Mayank, the guy is constantly full of ideas. Ideas that make his life easier. Ideas that help him be more lazy. That's the big secret. Mayank is a lazy developer that gets shit done. It's the only way I can explain it. He makes apps (which as you all know takes a bit of time) to allow him to do less in the future. One of these times, he was tired of waiting on me and got frustrated trying to figure out how to do something simple in Photoshop. He stopped and asked himself, “Why can’t I just do this on my phone with an app?” So that's how Screenshot App was born. It's kinda genius. You're already taking screenshots of the app with your phone, this saves the step of syncing with your computer and making it in Photoshop or Sketch. The other thing about Mayank is that he knows how annoyed I get with his attempts at design. I think he makes it bad on purpose. When he shows me, I’m so appalled by the ugliness (but amazed by the idea) that I agree to make it look and function better. So that’s how I got involved. Together we've made this app and both hope it's just as useful to you all as well. Here's how it works: (sorry the backgrounds on the gifs are not all white) 1. CHOOSE A TEMPLATE You can choose from portrait or landscape, with or without an iPhone frame. 2. ADD YOUR SCREENSHOT Tap on the iPhone screen to add the screenshot from your photo album. I made one specific for screenshots to make them easy to find. 3. CHOOSE YOUR iPHONE Tap on the iPhone frame to cycle through a range of iPhones. There's a label that appears over the status bar to indicate which iPhone/iPad frame is being displayed. 4. CHOOSE BACKGROUND Tap on the background and choose either an image or color for the background. This one is a bit trickier due to the space where the text goes. It's best if you tap on the left or right of the iPhone frame and not the top. 5. TYPE YOUR TITLE AND DESCRIPTION Tap on "TITLE" or "DESCRIPTION" to edit either. You will be able to choose the font, size and color of the text. It's also easy to go back and edit the text after you close the keyboard. 6. SAVING YOUR SCREENSHOTS You can choose to save your screenshots to either your camera roll or Dropbox. When you save with Dropbox, it will place the screens in the "Apps" folder in a folder named "Screenshot Tool Storage." This way the Screenshot app will not need to authenticate your entire Dropbox account, it will only authenticate what it needs, which is the "Screenshot Tool Storage" folder. It exports all the sizes you need for the App Store, from iPhone 4 to iPhone 6+.

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