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Photoshop Animation Techniques by Alex Grigg

by admin on December 3, 2013, no comments

Alex Grigg has a great hour long tutorial on how to animate in Photoshop.
The layout of the tutorial- Part 1 Getting Started- All the key features that you’ll need to know in order to get animation out of Photoshop. These include an introduction to the animation timeline as well as the steps you can follow to export your animation. Part 2 Clean-up, Colour and Creating Actions. A step by step walk through for creating some the actions that will help you speed up your animation workflow – including creating colour layers, effective bucket filling and creating your next frame. Part 3 Extra Tips and Tricks- A few extra tips and tricks to help you get started animating in Photoshop. These include using preexisting videos in your animation, better manipulating the timeline and how to export gifs from Photoshop.
(credit: @walterstephanie)