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iOS7, You’re making me sick.

by admin on September 24, 2013, 13 comments

It starts with a dull throbbing headache that makes my head feel heavy and my eyes strained. Then a cold sweat runs over my body. A twinge of nausea hits my stomach, clenches my throat, threatening to worsen if I continue exposing myself to this THING. This THING that has been attached to my hand as if I have a cybernetic removable appendage with ok battery life, that allows me to interact with the world made up by a series of tubes. I just updated my phone to iOS 7 the day before I left to Portland for XOXO. Then after heavy use from traveling, using the maps to get around, instagramming my surroundings, I started feeling it. I took some advil not giving it a second thought. By day two I figured it out. My iPhone was causing this and there was no way to turn this off. No this is not a rant about the look of iOS 7, but the inability to turn off the animated zoom interaction as you go into your folders, open an app, multi-task through screens into another app. I have motion sickness and I guess no one else in the Apple team had this condition. Yes, you can turn off parallax in the accessibility. It's not the parallax that is causing it, it's the zooming. After seeing an article on, I realized I wasn't alone. I also found other people were complaining on the Apple's Forums. As much as Apple is praised for its accessibility options, there are other people out there that are motion challenged. We can't play first person shooters, watch 3D movies (or even sit to close to the screen during heavy action movies). I can't use Google street view, or ride on small boats. I do everything in my power to avoid this feeling cause it's something that can just ruin my entire day. The nausea just sticks with me as soon as it happens. When it's really bad, I won't go into detail, but it can get ugly. This is pretty serious. I'm an app designer, I use the iPhone for my job. I've resorted to closing my eyes, turning my head or covering my hand over the screen between every zoom in/out animation for iOS 7 so I don’t have to pop advil every day (which is totally not healthy). I can't keep going like this, something has to change. Apple, are you listening? *UPDATE: I was told from a friend that it's good to file a radar for things like this. So if you have this same problem, file a report here: and use this number so it duplicated: 15074144 If you haven't done this before, this is what mine looks like:

13 thoughts on “iOS7, You’re making me sick.

  1. I’m having this problem too I think. I keep my iPad next to my computer with Tweetbot running among other things. I’ve been having headaches for the last week.

  2. here’s what I sent to

    Dear Team,

    iOS 7 is inducing headaches and motion sickness on my iPhone 5…

    I’ve enabled both BOLD TEXT and REDUCE MOTION to absolutely no relief from near debilitating motion sickness while using iOS 7. For me it feels like more than just the animations and zooms in and out, etc. I was getting sick just reading emails and texts or merely glancing at the lock screen to check the time; intant nausea. The only thing I can think of is that it’s something to do with FPS or refresh rate or frequency of the screen.

    Initially, I thought I’d get used to whatever was making me ill but it did not subside. Last friday, I had to go home “sick” from work because of the intense nausea due to using my iPhone5 with iOS 7. I only hope I don’t have to resort to moving to a different brand of phone.

    For me it’s not just the zooming that makes me sick (although it does aggravate the nausea even more) but using the interface as usual (i.e. reading texts, e-mail, switching apps, etc.) makes me terribly and uncomfortabley ill after a minute or two. Again, it goes beyond just zooming and parallax in iOS7, it seems to be something with a buzz or vibration (for lack of a better description) coming off the screen.

    My solutiuon: I went to the AT&T store near me and traded in my iOS 7 infected iPhone 5 for a new iPhone 5 with (old) iOS 6 on it. Came home and used my backup to restore the new phone and started using iOS 6 again and the nausea went away IMMEDIATELY.

    It’s upsetting because I relish the new design aesthetic in iOS 7… but at least I’m not sick anymore.

    Please take mine and other’s complaints into consideration regarding this problem.

  3. Thanks for helping to raise awareness about this issue. I’m an app developer and can’t look at iOS 7 for more than a few minutes without eye strain, headaches, and nausea. I filed bugs about this with Apple as well during the beta period. At first I thought this was just due to the zoom animations, but I think it’s more fundamental and is either due to the changes in text rendering or an issue with the screen refresh rate.

    In any case I love iOS 7 but I can’t use it without it making me sick.

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  6. One of the first things I do every morning is to turn off the Airplane Mode (which I always turn on before going to sleep.)

    Since iOS7 this has become a kind of horror experience which makes me feel sick every time!

    As Apple always wants to make everything the best possible user experience, I don’t quite understand that there isn’t a way to switch these needless flying animations off. Sadly, after 6 years off a happy iPhone experience I’m seriously thinking about getting some other phone now…

    Bad bad Apple…!

  7. Happy to have found this page, because it’s the same for me! I love my iPhone and now I cannot look at it for too long. You get sick from it. Really, has this been tested? Also, when I first saw it I wondered what would be so cool about a moving background? and all those animations, not necessary ones that take time and bore you after the 5th time. it’s all too sad.

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  10. Excellent summary of the problem!

    Unfortunately, civilians can’t report bugs: one has to sign up for a developer account, first. In fact, when I tried to sign in it silently failed — no error message, no “your ID isn’t on our list”, just presented the sign-in screen.

    @nybe thanks for the citation, but I don’t think any of us with the issue doubt its reality :,)

  11. You use the same Apple ID as you would for iTunes, I don’t think you need a dev account. And sadly, there are actual people that doubt it’s reality. Just look at the comments on any of the articles that are also talk about this.

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