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iPhone Blueprints: every UI designer should download this iBook

by admin on September 8, 2012, 3 comments

iPhone Blueprints is an interactive iBook by Scott Jensen (Ender Labs, Track 8) and looks like a great read for any UI designer. There's chapters on presentation, understanding your users, navigation and many case studies including one of my inspirational favorites, The National Parks App by Rally. It's available in iTunes iBookstore and it's completely free for a week $1.99, so get this meow! *The book had to be taken down due to a capitolization error, it will be back up shortly, via @_scottjensen
“If you’re a UI designer, you should be making UX decisions. Otherwise, you’re a decorator, nothing more.”
If you want to see a long but detailed review, check out the great things Beautiful Pixels has to say. (credit: Beautiful Pixels)

3 thoughts on “iPhone Blueprints: every UI designer should download this iBook

  1. Ahhh, it was on itunes for some days before you notified the blogs(most reporting this three days ago). So the free sale ended yesterday. Going on the blogs news, people thought it should have some four days left.

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