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Polaroid SX-70 documentary, written & directed by Charles & Ray Eames

by admin on January 3, 2012, no comments

Fascinating 11min doc on the Polaroid SX-70, written & directed by Charles & Ray Eames. While I was first watching this, I just kept thinking how this was so similar to the way Apple conveys their products in commercials. It also made me think about how Polaroid was 'the future' of that time. Not only was the process of taking a photo easy, but the idea that you could have it instantly printed without long hours in the dark room. So the common user can just pick one up and naturally use the product with ease. This idea seems similar to idea that Apple has pushed on their own products. Apple must have totally taken notes on this. The documentary also touches on how the polaroid works and develops the photos, including close up on the gears and the slow-mo 'how things work' shots. I love those.