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BergCloud’s Little Printer

by admin on November 29, 2011, no comments

This Little Printer seems pretty cute. I think since we've got so digital the past few years, the idea of analog things seem fun again. It is basically a receipt printer that prints out some daily to-dos and news. It would be interesting to see what other partners they will get in the future, it could become kinda useful. The social aspect of sending other people little messages is kinda neat, but I think the likelihood of my friends getting one of these as well is kinda slim. That aspect reminds of me of the Nabaztag Rabbit one of my friends had and that I wished I had, until you realize it's kinda useless (but cute).
Little Printer lives in your front room and scours the Web on your behalf, assembling the content you care about into designed deliveries a couple of times a day. You configure Little Printer from your phone, and there’s some great content to choose from — it’s what Little Printer delivers that makes it really special. We have an incredible group of launch partners, and in the run-up to shipping we’re working with them all on custom publications.
You can read a bit more about it on the BergCloud Blog. **Edit** There is an interesting article by Berg, predating the Little Printer, talking about turning receipts into ‘paper apps’. As well as this post by Tom Taylor about microprinting. ******** (credit: @preciousforever)