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Press Pause Play documentary – Now online in full

by admin on September 30, 2011, one comment

Awhile back I had posted a teaser to the Press Pause Play documentary: A film about hope, fear and digital culture. It's now available to view online and download through their website. There is a standard version but also an interactive version so while you're watching, hotspots will appear (‘MORE’ button at the top right corner) which will give you:
EXTRAS that shows a longer interview with the person currently talking in the film. - MORE WORKS shows additional videos from the artist/company currently on screen. - A relevant WEBSITE of the person currently on screen. - The music currently playing in the movie. By clicking on the artist’s name you will be directed directly to their profiles (Spotify or Soundcloud).
Also when an artist first appears on the screen, an info tab will show up giving you a little blurb about that artist with accompanying links to their work. The film is also available to purchase through iTunes and Amazon. (Thanks to Erik Sellgren from House of Radon, for informing me!)

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