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by admin on July 12, 2010, no comments

Twitter Treats are the links I've posted on my Twitter. Ordering Alprazolam pills, These are just quick links to some cool things I've tweeted or re-tweeted. See previous here, buy Alprazolam. Generic Alprazolam,

This will be a two-weeker due to last weeks holiday.

The cat is out of the bag, buy Alprazolam online without prescription, Buy Alprazolam online, told work that I'm quitting and leaving for a 2 monthish trip to Europe. Roo and I will tweet: @ajeurotrip2010 and blog our travels at, order Alprazolam no prescription. We leave July 31st for Toronto to visit his family, then leave August 4th for London, ordering Alprazolam pills. Connecticut CT Conn. , Here's where we're going.

The next Dallas Dr, ordering Alprazolam online without prescription. Pennsylvania PA Penn. , Sketchy, featuring Melissa Meaow, order Alprazolam online without prescription, Pharmacy Alprazolam, is NEXT SUNDAY.

@lettercult 's {alphabattle} J is up and ready for viewing, παραγγείλετε online Alprazolam. Here's mine Ordering Alprazolam pills, , made of Gojo Hand Cleaner. Online Alprazolam, My New Favorite Comic : Cat vs Human

Cavs owner's letter mocked for Comic Sans font. Remember, Alprazolam online stores, Order Alprazolam online, when writing scathing letters, always consult a designer for the perfect font, αγοράζουν online Alprazolam. Billig Alprazolam apotek, Fun Fact: The IKEA catalogue is the 3rd most distributed print material in the world following the Bible & Harry Potter.
(via @MarcDSchiller)

Beck has been posting some sweet mixes over at SoundCloud under the name Planned Obsolescence, φτηνές φαρμακείο Alprazolam, Montana MT Mont. , I really liked June Gloom.

Need a passport, ordering Alprazolam pills. Hurry, ordering Alprazolam from canada, North Carolina NC N.C. , Tuesday (July 13th) the fees are going to increase by up to 35%.
(via @Orbitz)

@pieratt released a sneak peak of @lookwork, Køb discount Alprazolam, Utah UT , a site that organizes all your inspirations, ideas, comprar Alprazolam baratos, Ordering Alprazolam online legally, through a gallery of thumbnails, that you can configure to view in many different ways, buy Alprazolam from canada, as well as sorted and tagged. A image-bookmarking service. It's how I wanted Evernote to be, but it wasn't. Ordering Alprazolam pills, Portland designer, Frank Chimero (@fchimero), has a new blog post, Holiday. It's is a great read for anyone in the industry.

@hoodinternet has a new hood x anatomy mag mixtape with six new hood tracks. View the track list & download now.

Why are they ruining "Let The Right One In" with an American remake, "Let Me In". See the barfy trailer and cringe, ordering Alprazolam pills.

This was stuck in my head after late night grocery shopping. Roo & I sung along & danced in the soup aisle. They play the best songs then.

Waste more hours on the internet reminiscing your 80's childhood.
I forgot about this Ordering Alprazolam pills, , this and this.

Newest installment of WE'VE NEVER MET webcomic.
(via @davidhopkins)

Also in webcomic world, my friend Will Strode has four more pages of The Life I've Been Sold (warning: two pages are NSFW) Start reading here or just see the new pages.

Roo standing next to a piece by his favorite sculpture artist, Jonathan Borofsky.

Fun fact: In the 1940s, Eleanor Abbott invented the board game Candy Land as a diversion for children recovering from polio.
(via @TalentZoo)

New flyer design for Ruby Revue Burlesque Show.

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