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by admin on January 5, 2010, no comments

This is Paul Rand's Business card.

You may remember the video about Steve Jobs talking about his experience working with Paul Rand Clonazepam without prescription, .
This will explain the business card for those who do not know Paul Rand, ordering Clonazepam without prescription. Buy Clonazepam, James Phillips Williams, has a great story involving Paul Rand and Peter Arnell.

he did not open my portfolio, purchase Clonazepam. Discount Clonazepam, he held up my resume and read it aloud. “so, Clonazepam, Ordering Clonazepam no rx, you went to yale?” he asked. “i did, αγοράζουν online Clonazepam, Kjøp Discount Clonazepam, ” i replied. “it doesn’t bother you that i went to princeton and my partner went to columbia?” “no, For Clonazepam online, Louisiana LA , ” i said, “not everyone gets into yale.” (i already figured I wasn’t getting the job.) “so you studied with paul rand?” ”i did.” “would he remember you?” “um, South Dakota SD , Acquistare a buon mercato Clonazepam, i guess. i would like to hope so.” at this point he yelled out to his assistant, Maryland MD Md. , Acheter en ligne Clonazepam, “can you get paul rand on the phone?”

Read the whole thing here.

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